Allow Option to Clone a Parent With All associated Strands In User-Defined Assessments Planned
2 votes 2 comments
Allow for an Assessment to have a weight
0 votes 0 comments
use defined assessments: delete data but retain definitions at end of year for class scope
2 votes 2 comments
Please retain the selections in the small screen view when switching to Full Screen view Planned
3 votes 2 comments
Add Folders for My Student Groups and My Assessment Sets for organization purposes. Completed
6 votes 3 comments
User-Defined Assessments: Allow the Ability to save as/clone an assessment Completed
2 votes 1 comment
Add additional filtering to the Assessment Widget
1 vote 0 comments
Assessments Widget: Please add Automatic Student groups by semester
1 vote 0 comments
Display Multiple Answers in Item Analysis
0 votes 0 comments
My Assessments Sets: let the display order be either by record count or by ordinal
0 votes 1 comment
Assessments:Nesting assessments by scope Completed
1 vote 2 comments
Add more color options! Completed
0 votes 1 comment
Assessments - Displaying all strands Completed
2 votes 3 comments
Copy/ Push Assessment Sets within the Assessment Widget Planned
9 votes 7 comments
Item Analysis - Display limited to only 149. Please increase to at least 350
0 votes 1 comment
Allow Teachers to Clone User Defined Assessments Completed
3 votes 2 comments
Student Groups- Create smart group of students by score range, rather then level
2 votes 0 comments
Allow users to download templates for assessments that were defined by other users Planned
7 votes 6 comments
Add feature to delete a user uploaded assessment Completed
3 votes 4 comments
Display All Scores For All Years a Student Took an Assessment Test in the Student Assessments Widget. Completed
0 votes 2 comments
Allow for Strands of an assessment to be of different Subject Areas Completed
0 votes 2 comments
Assessment Widget - Create, Save & Share Reports
18 votes 6 comments
Add Filter for My Assessment Sets Planned
3 votes 3 comments
data graphs represent 0.5 increment not just whole numbers Completed
0 votes 3 comments
User Define Assessments: Please allow a way for strands to be attached to a parent assessment test. Completed
9 votes 5 comments
Assessment Widget - Have downloads retain sorts/filters Completed
25 votes 10 comments