Download Group without saving
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Service Enrollment / Exit Dates
0 votes 0 comments
Allow for deleting multiple student groups at once
3 votes 7 comments
Replace Demographic filter Federal Ethnicity/Race Name
0 votes 3 comments
Add toggle to include students withdrawn from a school(s)
2 votes 0 comments
Ability to create Mesophase group in Student Groups
0 votes 5 comments
District Curated Groups
1 vote 3 comments
In students groups it would be nice to be able to apply the same filter twice.
1 vote 0 comments
Student Group Notifications
0 votes 1 comment
Academic vs. Non-Academic 504’s
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Add Graduation Requirement Base Year as a filter option for student groups Planned
6 votes 2 comments
Add Test Admin Date or Season to Assessments Filter Planned
0 votes 1 comment
Retain student group filters at download
1 vote 0 comments
Student Groups: in grades and credits filter, add decimal option Completed
1 vote 4 comments
Student Groups: Add the option to exclude students who meet a certain filter criteria Planned
17 votes 9 comments
Add a Withdrawals filter to the Student Groups widget Planned
3 votes 2 comments
Group Naming Protocols Completed
0 votes 3 comments
Add an Enrolled in District filter under the Student Groups Planned
0 votes 2 comments
Add test year to assessment filter of Student Groups Planned
5 votes 7 comments
Add the option to "Save As" in the edit feature of a smart group Completed
7 votes 3 comments
Add the option of selecting Period under Enrollments in the Student Groups widget
1 vote 2 comments
Add Term filter to Grades & Credits under Student Groups
6 votes 1 comment
Enrollment Date Range under Student Groups Planned
4 votes 2 comments
Begin with a Static Group and Add filters in Student Group Planned
1 vote 2 comments
Student Groups: Absences- add within past school year as a drop down option Planned
1 vote 1 comment
Student Groups: Grades and Credits Filter - add grouping by quantity of F's Planned
15 votes 3 comments