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Allow more than 10 assessments in a set




  • Debbie Tearle


    If you haven't received information on this already, please note that Assessment Sets now can contain a max of 50 tests! They still default to 10 tests when you first open them and you will get a pop-up telling you how many tests:


    After clicking 'OK', click the  Screen_Shot_2015-11-02_at_2.56.17_PM.png button it opens up the screen in the picture below to add more. Making this change is a setting by user and by student group.

    Click the names of the additional tests on the left to quickly add them to the right, max of 50, and then it will display for you all the tests. In the example below, 12th graders with all the the Math Assessment Set, all 15 potential tests from the left are selected as 'active tests'.

    Keep in mind that the more students in the group and more tests added, the longer it may take to render.

    Hope that helps out your staff. Have a great day!


  • Permanently deleted user

    Yes! We discovered that a while ago. It made for some very happy dances!

    Thanks so much for following up!

    Toni Vonderhulls


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