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use defined assessments: delete data but retain definitions at end of year for class scope



  • Nona Caulkins

    This would be a big help to teachers who give the same assessments each year and don't want to keep recreating the definitions.

  • Kitty Lundeen-Ness

    By default, all user-defined assessments without an expiration date, and all their scores, are retained.

    There is now a new admin task which allows you to delete all user-defined assessment data (both the assessment structure and the scores) or delete only the scores (for a specific user-defied assessment)

    To access this task:

    • >>Homeroom Admin>>Year End Rollover>>Delete Assessments by Scope
    • Search for the assessment, enter the scope and the school year
    • Select "False" to remove the structure AND the scores
    • Select "True" to remove just the scores

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