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Assessment Widget: When downloading the assessment data, if there are more than 10 strands associated with the parent assessment, all strands will be downloaded to Excel.




  • Sharon Strauss

    Hi Evelyn.

    We are currently working on a new data extract that will accommodate your request by having an extract that downloads all assessment data in a set(including parent/strand 'sets'), regardless of the number of assessments in the set. As these large downloads could time out, we would use a delivery system, where we send an email with a link to download the data to the requester. 

    Once the extract is released, we will modify the current messaging in the assessments widget that alerts you that only the first 10 will be downloaded to then direct you to the data extract if you would like to include all data in the set in the download.



  • Molly Stickler

    I am hoping this will apply to My Assessment Sets as well - if I go through the process of combining multiple tests to get all the data I need I want to be able to download it all together so I am not compromising the data by trying to match it up (copy & paste or vlookup).  Please make the Assessment Sets available in the Data Extract as well.  Thanks! 

  • Sharon Strauss

    We have implemented into our application, from the Assessments Widget, the ability to download 10 or more strands from within an Assessment.  Let us know of you have any questions. 


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