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My Assessments Sets: let the display order be either by record count or by ordinal


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  • Nona Caulkins

    Why can't you allow the user to establish their own order when they are creating their "My Assessment Set" by dragging and dropping the assessments into the preferred order and then have this order hold each time they bring up this assessment set regardless of the set of students against which it is applied?

    We give two literacy assessments three times a year.  One is comprehension, the other is independent reading level.  The clearest way to look at these would be to put the three comprehension assessments next to each other and then the three reading level assessments next to each other.  You would probably even throw in last years reading MSP with the comprehension assessments.  Neither of your toggle options would allow us to do that.  

    If I set up a My Assessment Set, apply it to the 4th grade, rearrange it in Edit Active Assessments, it will hold that order the next time I bring up the 4th grade, but when I bring up Mr. Apple's 4th graders I have to rearrange it again.  Then again for Ms. Banana's class. 

    I would like to put it in the desired order when I create it and let that order hold until I choose to change it.


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