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Copy/ Push Assessment Sets within the Assessment Widget




  • Michael Jacobsen

    This would be very useful in my district.

  • Brian Graham

    This would be very helpful and here is why.  For example, this next week I will be working with a whole school analyzing their school wide writing assessment.  They will be comparing Fall data with Winter data.  Currently, I will have to train teachers, who are not tech savvy, how to create an assessment set which takes several sequential steps.  This takes away valuable time in a meeting, which is already limited.  If I could walk into a training having already created assessment sets and shared these to teachers prior to the training, then teachers could spend valuable time analyzing the data.

    I have watched several, not tech savvy teachers, get "turned off" by the steps necessary to build assessment sets.


    Brian Graham, TOSA, Camas School District

  • Stephanie Hawley

    This would be very helpful for teachers working together with data. Currently teachers in our district spend meeting time building and naming sets together so they can all pull matching data.

    Thank you!

    Stephanie Hawley, Bellingham

  • Nona Caulkins

    It would be nice to be able to do this at the district level and send it to our principals so they don't have to Edit Active Assessments when doing some very standard tasks.

  • Lynne Skerry

    Our ELL Program Specialists plan to use Homeroom to create documents which compare ELL student growth within a particular peer group. We need to build specific assessment sets and it would be much more efficient if one or two people could build and share them (as we have begun to do with our student groups) as opposed to each specialist having to recreate the wheel. As mentioned above, this would free up valuable time during the initial training for digging deeper into the data. It would also allow staff to assist each other later on, by remotely adding sets, as needed. 

    Thanks -- Lynne Skerry

  • Rachel Dibble

    Yes!  This would be a fantastic tool which would add great functionality to Homeroom.   It would be so much easier for us to be able to share an Assessment Set, especially when it's a uniform set for a large group of people.  In our case, we are transitioning from the DIBELS Recommended Goals to DIBELS Former Goals.  Finding those subtests individually is very cumbersome.  It would be great to have an Assessment Set we can share with those grade levels making the transition.


    Rachel Dibble--Yakima School District

  • Teresa Mjelde

    This would be very helpful for teams of teachers that need to follow the same set of assessments for different groups of students.


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