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STAR Data-show all progress monitoring tests




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    Debbie Tearle


    Thank you so much for providing this information for Karen!  Also, thank you for putting in the request to put it in! So many have benefited from it already. :)


    The option in the screenshot that Jeff provided is something that in Homeroom is already available to you and other Vashon Island users.

    Here are the steps to access it:

    1. Log into Homeroom
    2. navigate to the Assessment widget
    3. select your student group and the STAR ProgMon test
    4. when it renders, click on 'View Progress monitoring" link (picture #1 below)
    5. when the new tab opens, use the "Progress Monitoring View" dropdown (picture #2 below) to select how you want to view the scores.
    6. Then if you want to pull the data into a spreadsheet, you can use the download icon (the down arrow) on the toolbar at the top corner of the Assessment widget (picture #3 bleow)
    • picture #1
    • picture #2
    • picture #3

    I hope that helps clarify for you how to access this data, but if not please let us know.  Additionally, I will update the ticket you put in with the same information.

    Thank you,

  • Sharon Strauss

    Thank you for sending in this request Jeff. We will keep you updated on what we are able to do. 

  • Karen Stendahl


    I noticed this post is a year old. How the answer been found? I would like to pull both individual progress monitoring STAR data and group for the 2016-17 school year. Thanks, Karen

  • Jeff Gutfeld

    We created buckets by 1 month intervals for which STAR scores are loaded.  We can pull data by month.  Also we have the scores loaded such that we can see all months across the year.

  • Karen Stendahl

    Where do I find these buckets? That sounds great if I can figure out how to access.

  • Jeff Gutfeld

    We had Homeroom create them for us.  Is this what you're trying to get?

  • Karen Stendahl

     Yes, Where do I find that information? Is there a line graph available for display too?

  • Jeff Gutfeld

    We made a special request to SDS to have them make this for us.  You are welcome to direct them to this conversation so you have a visual of what you want from them.  The only graphs are those that Homeroom makes UNLESS you download the data to Excel (or another program) and make graphs from that.


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