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Class Grades Extract - Include the student's gradebook grade




  • Nona Caulkins

    I just got off the phone with a high school counselor asking for this and it was brought up in a training we conducted last week.  It is definitely of high interest.  Also, can the Data Extract "Class Grades", where one might go to get this list of students, include the teacher's names for each listed course?

  • Caitlin Craig-Mickel

    This came up at a training in Tumwater today as well. Counselors would like to be able to filter to create a group with current F's and then see which classes those F's are in without having to profile each student individually. I think the easiest way to get that would be within the Class Grades Data Extract. We would need to add the option to choose either Term Grades, Current Grades, or both. The addition of Teacher's names would also be nice. 

    So headers within the spreadsheet would look as they do in the attached csv. The yellow columns indicate an added category. 

    Class Grades-enhancement sample.csv
  • Clifford Huenergard

    We have been unable to get current (second trimester) grades from the Data Extract Widget (Class Grades).  The report that is generated only pulls grades from first trimester and the two grading periods from first tri.  It isn’t pulling second tri, although second tri grades are in the gradebook viewer.  We’d like to be able to see tri 2 grades and eventually tri 3

  • Julie Tumelty

    I would like a drop down menu that listed what term we want the grades for.  This way I could pull current grades or historical grades.


  • Catherine Schwartz

    We have been using Homeroom to do bi-weekly grade checks on our SPED students.  We would like the option to be able to see their current gradebook grades and filter them by D's and F's in order to better track their progress.  It would be nice to be able to do this with our athletes as well.

  • Carol Bjork

    We have a Gradebook Grades data extract now that provides this information.  And it does include teacher names.


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