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See specific school year of assessment tests taken in a group



  • Pauline Hitch


    We have a similar enhancement idea. Again, would you mind reading it and if you feel it is the same thought, I would like to merge them. Thanks!

  • Debbie Tearle

    The came up when I was with Nancy and their principals, they were looking at a Data Extract and trying to use an existing student group of their whole school to view MSP Math 3, 4, 5 to see how they all did.  However, with 5th graders in their group... MSP Math 3 & 4 also included those 5th graders scores in the chart. Should we add "Data Extracts" to the title of this Enhancement Idea to help clarify?

    It IS similar though to the comment made on the Enhancement Idea you suggest to merge this with, the one by Lynn Caulkins.

  • Debbie Tearle

    From the above link to Enhancement Idea, the comment below was made by Lynn Caulkins of Edmonds school district:

    "In the Homeroom group meeting yesterday we discussed how nice it would be to be able to bring up assessments by administration (e.g. Winter 2013)

    This issue also comes up in the data extracts.  I do not believe Assessment Annual Percentages or Annual Assessment Breakdown vs. District by School are pulling the assessment results for particular years.  Rather, I think they are pulling the assessment results for students who are attending the school that year and have taken the assessment at some point in time in the past.  For one of our schools, Assessment Annual Percentages says 48% of our students met standard on the Alg. EOC in 2013.  Annual Assessment Breakdown vs. District by School says 54% did.  The real answer is 43% for that school for 2013."

  • Molly Stickler

    There are times when you want to look at the historical tests but it would be very helpful if you could select "current school year only" or "include historical scores" in the Assessments widget.  Maybe in the Download options a new field of assessment year (if available) could be added as well.


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