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Data Extracts: Can a download(or extract) as PDF option be added to all of the Charts and Graphs?



  • Sharon Strauss

    I think this would be a good thing to add.  It will keep the downloading(extract) options consistent for all charts and graphs as well. 

  • Nick.Lamb Nick.Lamb

    For those users lucky enough to have a "print to pdf" feature installed on their computer, they can:

    1. Render a chart
    2. Click the widget print button
    3. Print to PDF

    The print to pdf features are installed as a printer and any where you print, you can select the pdf printer option.


    I agree with the download button on each chart.  While we may have the "print to pdf" feature on our computers, the charts come out small and not ideal for presentation and readability.  It works for now, but the download function would be better.

  • Nona Caulkins

    We also need to be able to print things off of dashboards.  Currently, there is no print option for chart viewer or dashboards when you spotlight a school.  This seems like a really basic need.


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