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CAA/CIA filter and Risk Indicators: enable search of all available pages, not just current page




  • Nona Caulkins

    The same for sorting.  It would be really helpful if when you clicked on a column to sort it included all the pages of data.

  • Stephanie Hawley

    Yes!! It would be great if I could choose to have all students display instead of having the group separated over multiple pages. I realize this would result in waiting longer for the widget to load the data, but that would be fine. I would ask for this in the CAA/CIA and also in the Assessments widget. Currently if I need to work with data for a group too large to fit on one page I have to download to Excel.

  • Teresa Mjelde

    I would like to see this sorting the whole group applied to the Risk Indicators as well. 

  • Tom Kasperson

    We are planning on allowing the student name search to work across multiple pages for the CAA/CIA and Risk Indicators Widget, as well as for the Assessment Set View of the Assessments Widget, this summer.



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