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Incident Distribution


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  • Tonyia Cooper

    Incident Distribution by Incident Consequence Type Scenario:

    Looking for the number of incidents, involving students in the 12th grade at a particular high school, for this school year, aggregated by Incident Consequence Types.  The only selections to be made are:

    • STUDENT GROUP (REQUIRED) = 12 graders at XXX High School in 14/15
    • SCHOOL YEAR = 14/15
    • INCIDENT TYPES = Disruptive (in my instance - a user could choose any)
    • INCIDENT AGGREGATION OPTION (REQUIRED) = Incident Consequence Types

    When the report is run, it will show the number of disruptive incidents that happened and the consequence for the incidents.

    NOTE:  If two students were involved in the same incident and both were given the same consequences, that will show up as only one incident.  To find the students involved the user can create a group of students with these attributes.  To do that from the Student Group Widget choose Enrollments filter:  from schools, the particular high school and from grades, the 12th grade.  Then choose the Behaviors filter:  At least 1 incident, in the last 8 months (or however long the school year has been in session to date).  More information on the Student Group widget can be found here.



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