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Student Accomplishment Widget



  • Molly Stickler

    This is something we are very excited about!  

  • Brian Rick

    This will be great, thanks! Is there a good reason for the abbreviated cryptic titles? Do those come from our system (WSIPC or Skyward) or are they SDS creations? If those are within local control, ignore the rest of this and I'll talk with our Skyward person..

    Everyone in secondary knows what "CAA" means, but "STD" and "Std" mean, well, could mean different things. Is there an application where writing out "Standard" will be too cumbersome?

    ELA STD = ELA Standard (or just ELA)

    Math = Math Standard (or just Math, similar convention to other subjects)

    Science = Science Standard

    Cert Acad Achmt = CAA (need to check CIA also)

    Higher Ed Placement Agreement (gotta find out what this even is)

    WA St History (okay)


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