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MAP Web-based Version - Data Extract and Auto-Upload Procedure



  • Tonya Vonderhulls

    Has the autoloader been updated with the new 2015 norms?

  • Brittany Conley

    (LSFeb11) were taken out of these instructions:

    3. In Step 1, Select the Loader MAP File Loader; Select the appropriate student identifier (SSID, Other ID, or External Application ID)

  • Pauline Hitch

    The 2015/16 change for MAP is a new set of cut scores provided by NWEA which they call "Smarter Balanced Preliminary Performance Levels".  

    We have modified the MAP auto-load process to handle both the old cut scores (LSFeb11) and the new SBA Preliminary cut scores.  When loading MAP student score files the user will NOT have to choose whether the score files should be loaded to the LSFeb11 FATS file or the new SBA Preliminary FATS file.  This is a "smart" loader; it looks at the assessment dates in the file and if the dates are through spring of 2015, they are loaded using the LSFeb11 set of cut scores. If the score file is for MAP assessments taken later than September 2015, it loads to the new SBA Preliminary cut scores.

    If the district loaded MAP data before 10/7/2015, it would have loaded to the old cut scores. To use the new norms, remove previously loaded data with the "Delete Student Assessment Test Scores By Data File" task in Homeroom Admin, then reload.


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